Also known as Michael A. Wieck, – Mike Strong is the author of short stories, memoirs, novellas, and jokes. Born 1960, in the American Midwest, young Michael experienced many strange and wonderful phenomena that propelled him through adolescence, and his early twenties. Bolstered by mystic literature, he cultivated these “epiphenomena” on his own at first; then in the army, and finally with the masters of several esoteric traditions in China and elsewhere.  Once a problem child in search of peace and knowledge;  his salvation came in martial arts training halls, temples,  odd jobs and comedy clubs – culminating in a Full Blown Kundalini Awakening on the streets of San Francisco.

Writing raucous adventure  stories with self deprecating wit to belie his awesome reverence for The Divine, Mike Strong lives in Las Vegas, Nevada where he will spend the rest of his life tweaking and editing this About page …

He can be contacted at or on twitter @strongwieck