Every day is Christmas in Taiwan. Every date in the almanac marks the shining moment of suicide heroes, hermits that refused to sell out, magistrates the could not be corrupted, and lovers that make Romeo and Juliet pale in puppy love comparison.

Every day is Christmas in Taiwan so they never bother taking the decorations down. Dust and spider webs collect on tinsel streamers; while so-cute-you-could puke cartoon kittens swing lazily from twisted red strings, as twinkling lights and karaoke carols hearken the hearts of the nation to remember selfless acts of filial piety, and sagacious anonymity.

With every famous dead poet there are idioms distilling their verses down, crystallizing their phrases into the vernacular. And with every cryptic Mandarin saying there is some savory delicacy to go along with it.

Barbecued pork and glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaves on Dragon Boat Day, moon cakes, chickens feet, bitter melon, and on and on and on …


The Communist Gangsters celebrate Independence Day by eating red shit; While The Gwo Ming Dong Gangsters celebrate “The Double Tens” with the sweetest soft shell crabs. But Left Wing or Right Wing, – they all love Elvis over here. And Elvis is over here, blasting the blues over civil defense sirens reminding me that it’s gonna be a Blue Christmas without you in Taiwan.

Every day is Christmas and The 4th of July in Taiwan, and it makes me really miss you, – who ever you are, where ever you are.

I love you and I swear to the gods I will find you.

 Taiwan, TaiChung – 1989


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