Daily Prompt: Sandwich

All I need is a cool, dry place to sleep, and a sandwich.

Air to breath, water to drink, a cool, dry place to sleep and a sandwich; that’s all I need.

Cool, clean sheets on a firm mattress, breathable air, and water; along with air conditioning and sandwiches … is really all I need.

In the hierarchy of needs, sandwiches are at the top of my list; followed by air to breath, water to drink and bath in, – and a cool, dry place to sleep.

It all comes down to feeling secure, and if I have a sandwich, and a cool, dry place to take a nap – I know that everything is going to be alright.

Give me a sandwich, and a cool, dry place to lay my head, and I will be gone in the morning.

Give me sandwiches or give me death!

We talked about many things. Mostly we joked around a lot, but when the laughter subsided, and we sighed ourselves into a reflective silence; we would, from time to time, come up with ideas. That’s where the idea for the sandwich shop was born, – in between the laughter and the sighs.

“Think about it, – all we need is a little space in a strip mall, some stainless steel tables and counters, a refrigerator or two, and a deli meat slicer.”

“And a cash register … for all the money.”

“Where’s the money Lebowski”?

“We are nihilists, – we believe in nothing.”

“We believe only in sandwiches.”


You would have to have a different kind of soup for every day of the week, – or at least least five different kinds of soup; assuming that you would be closed on the weekends. You have to master five different soups, and train the sandwich eating public to look forward to each day of the week, and it’s corresponding soup. All made from scratch.

Friday would be New England Calm Chowder, – of course.

Monday would be Chicken Noddle Soup, made from scratch. Homemade noodles are the easiest thing in the world to make, but people really make a big deal about them.

Tuesday would be Carrot Soup day. Served with a dollop of sour cream and garnished with chopped chives.

Wednesday would have to be Beef Chili, … or, – EVERY DAY COULD BE BEEF CHILI DAY!

Yeah, every day there would be Beef Chili, and some type of Miso Soup. There would be three choices every day: Beef Chili, Miso Soup, and Soup of The Day.

I’m not a miso soup expert, but I’m pretty sure that there are many varieties; enough to have a different type every day of the week. People like variety, but they also need consistency.

Wednesday would be Barley Beef Soup.

And Thursday?

I make the best Beef Stew in the world, but stew is not soup; and my beef stew isn’t cheap to make. I flavor the white sauce with star anise to give it that Asian twist that I love, but it might be too much for the average American pallet.

And we already have enough beef on the menu.


“How about some kind of Pork/Tortilla Soup”?

“How about Vegetable Soup”?

“Tomato Soup.”

Thursday will be Tomato Soup Day.

I used to have a collection of soup books. It was my intention to become a Soup Meister, but I got side tracked on Risotto. It used to be if you wanted a job as a cook, they would ask you to make a pot of soup. Now they just want to see your resume …

Maybe a little Burger Shack would be better.

I still have the Kaiser Roll recipe from Postrio, I could get up early and make those myself; then train some teenagers to flip hand crafted burgers from noon till night. The menu would read: Single, Double, Triple. Cheddar or Pepper Jack. I wouldn’t serve milk shakes, … or would I? Maybe home brewed root beer, and that’s it.

“Root Beer or Water, – that’s it.”

Would I want to fuck around with fries? Or would Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips made to order be better?

“Is that all you have”?

“That’s it, – you don’t like it. GET THE FUCK OUT!”

Back at the sandwich shop we are trying to decide if we if everything will be wraps. I have a great recipe for grilled flatbread that I developed with Pat at Backflip. We cut them into strips and served them with salsa and hummus, but they would make a great sandwich wrap. Hot sandwich wraps. That will be our gimmick, – Hot Wraps.









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