Sophia Perennis: I Am Your Captain

  1. (pages 1-10)

Opening Image: Indentured servitude in the grey cubical hell of a Las Vegas call center

The Grind: This is the real Dark Night of The Soul

  • (page 5)

Themes Stated: Redemption, Knowledge of Self, Third Time ‘s a Charm

2. (page 12)

Catalyst: You’re Fired!  Help Wanted: Star Ship Captain – No Experience Necessary, Will Train Right Person

3. (pages 12-25)

Debate: “I’m not going to argue with you, – ya had me at STAR SHIP CAPTAIN!”

“Oh, really”?

4. (page 25)

Break into Act 2: Up Is Down – “Are you sure this is how it’s done”?

5. (page 30)

B Story: “I LOVE  this ship!”

6. (pages 30 -55)

Fun and Games: Shake Down Cruise, Training Mission to The “Green” Planet

7. (page 55)

Mid point: “This could be paradise!” .

8. (page 55-75)

Bad Guys Close In: “Please don’t take my ship!” … The Chase Is On!

9. (page75)

Giving Up/Mortal Self Doubt: “I can’t do this – I’ve given all I have to give” … Down, but not out!

10. (pages 75-85)


10. (pages 85-110)

Break into Act 3: Words of Wisdom,  … “If you can keep your head about you” …


A Story: Phoenix Rising


B Story: “This Ship LOVES you!”

13. 14. 15. (pages 85-110)

  • Resolution: “You’ve got to find your way to the sun.”
  • Final Image: Free Range Children on the Green Planet
  • Final, Final Image: Home Schooled Children in a sylvan glad on Earth . .


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