The Skeleton Structure of My Memoirs



  • Waverly, Iowa (1962)

The Flood

  • University of Iowa Married Student Housing (1963)

Quonset Huts & Buffalo

  • Janesville, Wisconsin

These People Are Crazy

  • Marinette, Wisconsin (1964)

Frogs Eggs, Ernie Kovacs & The Television Witch, Sunrise Semester, The Birds, The Grand Daddy Trapped Under The Ice, The Bears, Playing God, Meeting My Future Self, Jack London, The Waterman 2000 and Dr. Nazi, Latin,  The Old Fashioned People

  • Waterloo, Iowa (1967)

The Somnambulists, Sleeping With My Eyes Open, The Johnson Smith Catalogue & The Wisdom of The Ages, Quince, The Funeral & The Old Fashioned Family, The Smoke Bomb Incident, Permanent Record, A Tree So Dark In The Night, Steve Schultz, Saturday Night Live Alibi, Rock Is Dead: Sex, Drugs & Cars, St. John of The Cross & Mr. Clean, Faux Fuel Oil, Kurt’s Cattle Mutilation, Wink, Treading Water, Mason Proffit & The Tornado, It Was A Deconstruction Job: Looking Down The Barrel of a Gun, Liberty City

  • Iowa City, Iowa (1980)

Trailer Park Knife Fight, Mrs. Black’s Gaslight Village, Fab’s Fashion Fabrics, The Storm, Wanda The Lama, The Farm Crisis, The Mind Control Cults on The Quad, 31 Echo

  • Ft. Leonard Wood (1981)

The Under/Over Hotel & Omni Magazine, Acronyms & Salt Peter, Basic, Ass Raping Baboons, Lucid Dream Team, The Owl & The Night Fighter, Sgt. Rosario, Teargas, Sgt. Cantrell

  • Ft Gordon, (1982)

Run For Your Life ! …Col. Charlie A. Beckwith & That Age Old Question,  Arabic -Advanced NBC & Microwave Missile Repair,  What The Hell Is Really Going On Here?, The Silent Swim Test, Sky Pilot 3:33, CCF

  • Iowa City, agian …

De-tasseling Corn, Ghost On Tape

  • Denver, – East Colfax Street (1982)

Strippers & Scrambled Eggs, Mugging A Priest’s Ghost

  • Missoula, Montana (1982-1984?)

The Charlie Russel House & The Theosophical Society, Jim and Sarah Doran, Bill Yellow Robe, Performance Art In Montana, Missing Time On Rattle Snake Creek, Blue Mountain, The Brother’s Motorcycle Trip

  • Motor Cycle Accident

The Road To Taos & The Wager

  • Taos, New Mexico (1983)

General Delivery, Julie Keefe’s Dream, Joe Eagleman, Welcome To Taos Mike! The Zuni Pueblo & The More Ass Raping Baboons, Installing Active Solar Systems, Martha Woodbury’s On The Verge, The Steak Out, The Posse

  • Missoula  again …

The Rambling Man From Rotterdam, The Oxford Cafe, The Stockman’s: Liquor Up Front – Poker In The Rear, Celeste, Largo & Mephistopheles, Shamanic Flu, Diesel Mechanic’s School, Over-The-Road

  • Iowa City again and again …

The House On Friendship Street, Millard’s Refrigerated Warehouse,”Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”

TaiChung, Taiwan (1986 – !990)

Master Shen, Robert Fox,  Kung Fu Jews, Tiger Mountain -The Wellspring of Qi, Wang Shu Jin’s Tomb, The Lady In White, Ex-Pats, Being Elvis, Colonel Wang & The Secret Inner Smile Manuscript, Mei Lin & The God of The Underworld, The Rottman Brothers,  International Street Smarts, The Temple of The Dog, The Chung King Mansion, Missing Time In Wan Chai, Reverse Medicine


1-900 THE FOOL

  • Los Angeles (1990- 1995)

Master Ni, Yo San University, Sifu Kenny Gong, Seven Days Of Rain, Los Angeles Gung Fu Bum, Don Ethan Miller & Mathew Cohen, Judo Gene Lebell, Virginia Mayhew -Bailey, Dr. Gu Heming, In My Master’s Garden, 1-900 The Fool, Kung Fu Crash Test Dummies, The Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, Motor Cycle Process Server, Costco & Carlos Castaneda, Stu Charno & The Missing Link, Herb King & Pauli Zink, Sand Dune Vampires, The Olympic Hotel

  • San Francisco (1995 – 2005)

Washington Square Park, The California Culinary Academy, Trinity Plaza, Bruce “Kumar” Franztis, Bernie Langan’s Loft,  Uncle Bill, The San Francisco Yi Quan School, Postrio & Tony Paris, Uncle Henry, Sweet Pathos, The Alex Bennett Show & The Gold Club, The SF Comedy Scene circa 1995 -2001 … Steak Out Scenes, The Taoist – Sufi Alliance, Back Flip, The Fresh Robots, September, 11th 2000 – The Day I “Fell Down” … Kabuki Springs & Spa, Veteran’s Cab Company, Pier #1, Kalachakra (Obscured ), Robert Anton Wilson & The Lost Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Plan



  • Las Vegas (2005 – present)

Shanghaied In Las Vegas, Westward Ho, Electric Neon Charnel Grounds, The Poker Palace, Rosie’s Den, Soupy Sales & The Run-A-Way Amish Farm Girl,

  • Shan Xi (2008)

The Power Test (Obscured)

  • The Little Condo On East Katie (2007 – 2016)

The Real Dark Night of The Soul, The World Series of Cultural Decline, One Last Set, Torstin’s Story, Another Gentleman Loser, The Last Days of Ray, Year Of The Fire Monkey, Getting My Chops Back, Jackpot!

Well, there it is. If I get stuck on my science fiction, I can always shift gears and work on my memoirs and short roman e clefs … I was inspired by Mishka Shubaly’s memoirs to finally transfer these stories from notebooks to computer, and  then to self publish … one step at a time.

Shubaly’s mentor was a writer named Lucia Berlin.- I’d heard about her for years, but never read anything she wrote until last night. I’m going to “bone up” on my Berlin. She writes with such economy of motion. A few simple sentences evoke a bohemian sub culture of circus performers, restaurateurs, and jet setters that transports the reader to a time and place rich in literary history …  She really puts you right there!

So I’m going to read me some Lucia Berlin, and see if I can’t pick up a few tricks …




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