Unstoppable. Like sunrise and sunset. Like the tide. Like the parade of losers stealing a Slurpee cup full of soda from the self service coke machine at the McDonald’s on Paradise Avenue, the mainstream news media raise their voice in unison, drowning out all reason, to proclaim Hillary Clinton the victim of those perennial villains, –  THE RUSSIANS!

Never mind the content of those emails, – never mind that!

Hillary is a victim, … and aren’t we all?

Yes my little paper ketchup cups, – I think that we are …

We must be, otherwise we would only have ourselves to blame for the narcissistic, poltroons that we call our “Leaders”.

When uniformity of message zigs, – I zag!

Once again I have wasted precious battery life on watching Youtubes this morning, and I’m afraid I will fall short of 750 words once again, … but I will make it up to myself with a writing session after work tonight …



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