This is for my friends that were ardent supporters of The Bernie Sanders Campaign. Now you know, without a shadow of a doubt that “THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED” …

Well, then – WHO rigged it?




There are no easy answers…

One could say that it all began with Plato’s Republic. There are those that point to the importation of The Prussian “School” System into the United States of god Bless America. Others focus on The Tax Exempt Foundations and the ways that they engineer society beyond their ostensible purpose of charity and good works. And of course, there is the possibility that  it is all the work of The Bavarian Illuminati, The Catholics, The Jews,  or Reptiles From Outer Space … it might be easier to blame your parents and be done with it, but let’s not give up so easily. There is something that stinks to high heaven, and with a little work we can start to discover some plausible answers.

A good place to start is with Tragedy and Hope: A History of The World In Our Time; by Professor Carrol Quigley.

For my Lefty Friends, you might want to note that Prof. Quigley was William Jefferson Clinton’s mentor, – and no doubt put in a good word for him at Oxford.

1300 words of dense, dry, academic writing reveal the following:

  • Yes, the American political system is rigged, only a fool would believe otherwise.
  • The Anglo-American Establishment operate in the way the Far Right believed The Soviets operated.
  • The Central Banks financed The Bolshevik Revolution and The Soviet Union .
  • China didn’t fall to Communism,  …”it was pushed, with the stroke of a pen”…
  • The goal of The Round Table Groups has changed over the years.
  • “They” have been largely successful.

I believe that if you were to read Tragedy and Hope, watched G. Edward Griffin’s interview of Norman Dodd, and then read  Between Two Ages: America’s Role In The Technetronic Era, – you would pretty much understand: when, where, who, how, and what the hell is going on around here …

You might also want to surf the internet,and bone up on The Transhumanism Movement, Nano Technology, and the latest research on Psychopathy. I believe  that with just those few tools for understanding, you would “get it”.

… or at the very least,  you would get where I am coming from in my upcoming Science Fiction Series …

Now it’s pay day; so I’m going to have to cut this short, … HAPPY HUNTING!



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