Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but I haven’t read a lot of Science Fiction …

Here is the very short list of Science Fiction that I have read:

  • Fahrenheit 451
  • The Day They A-Bombed Los Angeles
  • The Reincarnation of Peter Proud
  • The Iluminatus Trilogy
  • Shroddinger’s Cat
  • H.P. Lovecraft: The Complete Works
  • The Mind Parasites

… not counting graphic novels, (I have read and reread The Invisibles half a dozen times).

I really want to read The Exegesis of Philip K Dick, but other than some of the stuff I have skimmed on Kindle, to get an idea of what’s out there, – that’s it! Unless you count Kurt Vonnegut Jr. – Oh! I forgot! Blood Sport: A Journey Up The Hassayampa …

And did I actually read something written by Kilgore Trout, – or did I dream that?

If you haven’t read The Mind Parasites; by Colin Wilson,  I highly recommend it. Even though it is totally dated science fiction from the 1960s, with  private homes having helicopter landing pads, and stuff like that… But what makes it super cool, and  worth reading is that, in a way,  Edward Husserl’s Transcendental Phenomenology becomes the main character.

Wilson never really describes The Phenomenological Method, but his protagonists use it to jump start and sustain their Super Powers.

I could never understand why Colin Wilson didn’t flesh out the actual practice of phenomenology, but I’m going to pick that ball up and run with it …

And what is it?

Basically it is WITNESSING.

One of the main methods shared by Shamanism and all of the Esoteric Traditions, Witnessing can most easily be understood by taking a look at The Awareness Continuum. If you want to know more about Phenomenology read Edward Husserl’s article in The 1929 edition of The Encyclopedia Britannica …

Any way, – The Awareness Continuum was developed at The Esalen Institute by Fritz Perls. Well, he didn’t invent it out of thin air, like I said,  it is essentially a meditation technique that can be found in all of the ancient traditions, – A Golden Oldie!

It works like this, you can only really know the world through Five Modes of Perception:

  1. Proprioception,  (Physical Sensation – The Five Senses)
  2. Emotions
  3. Imagination
  4. Rational Thought
  5. Intuition

At any given moment you are experiencing the world through a combination of these modes of perception, some more than others. When one begins to take note of which modes one is using on this “continuum of awareness” … consciousness expands.

Whether done alone in a monk’s cell or out in nature,  practice of the awareness continuum brings about a sense of peace in healthy individuals, and when practiced in a group setting of healthy individuals you start see why I’m so hot on Colin Wilson’s The Mind Parasites, and why I want to expand on what he did in my SciFi Novellas.


That’s just a working title, – someone has had to have used that one already, but if not … I’ll use it! Oh hell yes, – I’ll use it.

I’m following the advice of “experts” on this project. I’m using tried and true plot structure, and all that jazz. It is a little bit constricting and I’m afraid it might keep me from getting into the flow of writing, you know – that place where the story goes where it will, and characters start to take on a life and a will of their own … You start writing the story of a Midwestern Ner Do Well, and the next thing you know you’re writing the story of a Spanish Morano on his first day of apprenticeship under a Master Chef in Barcelona … But you don’t speak Spanish,  you’ve never been to Europe, and now you feel like you have to take a break, and search the internet for traditional Spanish recipes! Then when you sit back down to write, and Bingo Bango Bongo ! There is a Basque Sheep Herder in The Sierra Nevada Mountains thinking about driving into Las Vegas for a little rest and relaxation …

That’s the kind of fiction writing I like to do, but who knows? Once I get my plot tacked down on index cards, and I set myself to writing – I will get into The Zone and the words will come.

One thing I hate about the Joseph Campbell/Hero’s Journey/Save The Cat/Sid Fields story structure is: The Reluctant Hero.

“Now wait a minute Old Man, – you’re telling me that I’m “The Chosen One” – and  you are going to train me in the attainment of Super Powers, give me a Galactic Battleship so that I can save the planet, – and there will  Hot Space Chicks involved? Hmmm, – you know what? I’m gonna have to pass on that. Yeah, – I picked up an extra shift stocking shelves at the Piggly Wiggly’s and the guys on grave-yard  are countin’ on me”.


 … You had me at “The Chosen One”.

Venus On a Half Shell !


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