Memories of events experienced first hand are crystallized in the mind’s eye, but books that have been read,  movies seen –  all seem to be drifting away like distant fog burned off by the morning sun. Even some of my favorite SNL sketches, – the ones we would stand around in a smoking circle and quote,  have gone missing from my catalog of memories.

Only bits and pieces remain. Just one single line hanging in space without any context …

Dan Aykroyd: You’re having a bad acid trip. Here, – listen to this Allman Brothers album, drink a case of beer, and you’ll be fine!

What’s that from?

Was that on television, or is it from my own imagination?

Mediocre artists borrow, great artist steal.

Maybe this hazy memory is my subconscious’ way of giving me an alibi for creative theft.

“I warn you, – I’m thoroughly read in White Crane Gung Fu”. ~ Dr. Detroit

In TTW#3  I was going to post a link to the Detroit Threat Management video I referenced, but I’m holding true to The Trigger Warning’s one link per blog policy, and I’ve already cut and pasted Eat A Peach on here today; so if you want to hear an excellent breakdown of the human component in THE POLICE STATE, go to Youtube and search : Dale Brown of Detroit based Threat Management Center is On – Point …

I say “the human component” or the human element in the equation, because we can’t just blame The Establishment for our problems. We have to look inside of ourselves, and see where we are going wrong in our own heart’s and minds. Once we have made peace within ourselves, – THEN we can focus on the corporate gangsters that are using boatloads of money to maneuver American society into chaos, so that they can “nudge” us into accepting their grand plans for  our serfdom on their technofacist  plantation.

Call them what you will: The Anglo-American Establishment, The International Financial Coterie, Banksters, Globalists, The Interlocking Corporate Directorship, – Reptilian Over Lords … whatever. They are the model for the antagonists in my science fiction project.

I guess I’m calling it a “project” now, and that seems like the right word. I enjoy working on it, but it is WORK, and I would rather go full steam ahead on my memoirs; though  maybe working on the structure of a fiction series will rub off on my real life stories …

Anyway, – you don’t really have to bring space aliens into the picture to explain the problems we have in this world, – but it helps. All you really need to do is understand Bad German Philosophy and the Psychopathy of  The Political Class.

That’s how I see politicians, – evil minions without a brain in their heads, following their Master’s orders without a clue as to what they are really doing.  I like to portray them as clownish and “cartoonish” as I can.

The Hierarchy that give the orders  are outdated cliches, clinging to the old world, even as their Mad Scientists develop new technologies to enslave us; so why not portray them as unoriginal cartoon cutouts?

As Above – So Below

It’s The Hegelian Dialect in Outer Space. Interdimensional Ghouls orchestrating things behind the scenes, – looking for potential conflicts, building up power on both sides, fomenting a crisis, and then sucking up the planetary pain and suffering  through a worm hole  … like one big galactic milkshake of misery  being sucked up through a crazy straw…

Low Battery, … gotta go!


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