My my my my my, – I yie yie !

When I write for speed with pen and paper, I try to get into The Zone, and don’t stop for anything. Spelling, grammar, clunky phrases, – I stop for nothing. When I’m finished I look back, and am usually horrified to see every sentence littered with the personal pronoun, – “I”.

It’s funny. When I do the same thing on computer, I look back any see the page heavily perforated with, – “My”.

My, me, mine … sickening.

In other news: Every table with more than one person in The McDonald’s on Paradise Avenue is racially integrated.  It’s 5:45 am and there are two demographic groups that I can differentiate: young and old. Either sitting down for a snack after a night on the town, or starting the day with a senior coffee and the morning paper. Or, in my case, typing out the first 750 words that pour out of my head, down through my fat fingers, and onto an ergonomically awkward keyboard …

My PILOT G-2 1.0 is at the ready should any electronic malfunctions interrupt the flow. I’m starting to get into this tippy -tapping, but it would be better if this keyboard made some exaggerated type writer sound every time I hit a key. I miss the immediate, tactile feedback and satisfaction of the the gel pen rolling out ink thick and rich as cobalt blue pudding on the page …

And another thing:

WordPress, why do you make me have to scroll down every fifty words or so to keep my genius from bottoming out in the nether regions of this electronic “page”?

You are cramping my style!

I need some empty space, Spaceman!

Don’t worry,  – we can adjust.

I have a large nutritional supplement order to make next week, but the week after that I’m going to pay someone to sit down and show me how to get around this site without losing my mind. I wonder if I can Cut and Paste from YouTube onto this?


Ah ha ! Indeed, I can … I’m a Cut and Paste One Trick Pony.

So, obviously – this is what I’m listening to while I write. This music was written and recorded In The Zone, and it helps me get there …

Now that we’ve established the ability to post YouTube videos, I’llopen this up a bit.

The whole Cops vs Black Lives Matter dialectic has me thinking …

I wish everyone would watch (and really listen) to the guy from Detroit Threat Management. Have you seen that one? Maybe I’ll post it tomorrow, – I just instituted a “limit of one cut and paste per blog entry” policy here at The Trigger Warning …

Where was I?

Detroit Threat Management:

If you are one of these Sean Hannity  Thin Blue Line All  Cops Are Heroes Doing A Dirty Job people you NEED to pay attention to the philosophy and training they employ at Detroit Threat Management.

Here’s the thing.Two things actually:

First of all, we have to understand the nature of psychopathy. Power and Authority are to Psychopaths what Catnip is to Cats. Okay, – Psychopaths are drawn to Law Enforcement! Those assholes need to be profiled and prohibited from joining any paramilitary organization that is tasked with Protecting and Serving a Civilian Population. Of course most Police Departments are tasked with generating revenue, (another part of the problem – but let’s not get sidetracked). Okay, Psychos shouldn’t be cops, – I think we can all agree with that.

And here is why listening to  the Detroit Threat Management guy elucidate about TRAINING  security professionals is important. Cops are trained that, no matter what, their first priority is to “go home to their families at the end of the shift”. That is dead wrong! The first priority should be that the citizens you are charged with protecting go home to THEIR FAMILIES.

To be a REAL LAWMAN you have to be willing to sacrifice your life to protect THE OTHER! And that takes LOVE man, – that takes HEART!  … and BALLS! If you can’t sacrifice your life for the life of a total stranger your heart and your balls aren’t big enough for the job. If you are afraid of the other, – go get a job on a cable news show, because you aren’t cut out to be a cop.

Damn, I wanted to write about writing, – and my battery is running low. I wonder if listening to music on another tab takes more juice to run this machine? Well, I’ll get it figured out. Maybe I can pay someone to sit down and tutor me on the use of the personal laptop computer …


… don’t worry everything will be alright, – I’ll edit this later.





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